Predictive typing, meet predictive doing.

A programmable, accessible, virtual keyboard for desktop productivity.

When you use the keyboard to type letters, Keykapp suggests words. When you use the keyboard to perform actions, Keykapp suggests autogenerated macros, giving you the power of effortless automation.

Keykapp is the product of more than five years of research into input optimization by Helder S Ribeiro following a severe case of Repetitive Stress Injury.

Keykapp is designed to make the absolute most out of however many keys, buttons, switches, gamepad triggers, foot pedals, eye-blinks, voice commands, brain-computer interface channels, or sensors a person can or wants to control.

Keykapp makes you a virtuoso whether you have a motor impairment or not, whether you use a custom assistive device or a typical computer keyboard.

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